4 Banana Swap Outs For Healthier Recipes

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Sour Grapes
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  1. adding banana to brownie doesn't make it healthier you still have all the fat from the brownie with some banana

  2. Chicken soup, sarcastic way;
    Grab any form of chicken you prefer.
    Either make your own chicken broth or any broth or buy it pre-made
    Mix them together
    Heat pot to random temperature
    Add bananas to replace oil
    Enjoy your fake sarcastic meal!

  3. just because a food is lower in energy does not make it healthy. Bananas have fructose in them, which is worse than actual came sugar.

  4. I always watch these tasty videos but I don't ever take their recipes serious enough to make. I don't see how people try these recipes lol

  5. She doesn't reply to any of your comments that means 0 fucks for complainers about how she does her own style foodπŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ

  6. If you want yo make The pancakes, dont put so many butter and make them thinner than aΓΊn actual pancake please