8 Easy Party Dips

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  1. I've got a good one.
    One cup mayonnaise
    One cup sour cream
    One can of diced tomatoes (plain)
    2 cups of a four-cheese blend
    One can of Mexican corn
    Chop up 6 green onions finely
    And add one tablespoon of cumin (optional)
    Serve with corn chips and it is so good

  2. It wouldn't be a Tasty's video without cheese……

    This one is the most Tasty-est video ever.
    p/s: they reuploaded the first one.

  3. To everyone complaining; okay sure, they're fat but they're 'party' dips, not something you'll stuff in your face every single day.

    Unless you want to of course, no one's stopping you.

  4. i love these videos. i love just watching how its made and not having to listen to people having a long intro and a lot of talking. recipes look delicious

  5. Dipshit.

    1 lbs. your own shit
    tons of cheese

    1. take dump in the morning
    2. Heat your own shit, cook for 8++ hours
    3. add tons of cheese
    4. Enjoy!