8 Meaty Game Day Recipes

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  1. Sooo. I was watching this video, and saw there that one recipy at 1:20, and it looked really easy, and kinda tasty, so when I saw an avocado in the store – and i have never taste an avocado lol – and remembered the video and got avokado and becon and chicken breasts. But – ha-ha – everybody knows my stupid brains. I kinda lost video and then i have cooked chiken and it was like a week ago. And then i found my avokados today and then some turkey in the fridge. What the fuck, i thought, chiken, turkey – there's not a lot difference. So i minced avocados and choped onion, and realised i had only dried tomatos, but the train was already moving – okay, why not the dried tomatoes. And limon juice since the lime one someone finished. Long long ago… And i had cardamom in seeds so i ground them in a coffee grinder instead of cilantro (my google-translate said i need a cardamom). Salt and pepper were like they are =) Mixed vegetables were surprisingly delicious, it can be used like a salad. And then i took my turkey slices, bit them a little, put there avokado, rolled it into roll and wrapped with bacon. Fried and baked for about twenty-five minutes.
    Very, very tasty. I am really grateful for this recipe.

  2. Hi! I've asked this in another video but is it okay to use a microwave in place of an oven? I don't have an oven :(((( and I would really like to try some of these recipes that says to "bake". Thank you for anyone who will respond accordingly 🙂