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A lesson in togetherness: SANRAL Awards Shelly Beach Toll Contract




Quite often, actually more often than not, we feel frustrated at the lack of service delivery by local and national government.

These frustrations turn to anger when our friends, family and community members lose their lives as a result of poor planning and lack of action by the authorities. These frustrations turn to wrath when calls for intervention are ignored by government. Sadly, it seems that government only reacts to wrath.

Whilst this article was initially centered around the long and hard battle with SANRAL & RTI initiated by HCS,  to implement some sort of solution to illegal u-turns at the Shelly Beach toll, and for the RTI to increase their presence in the area – I have decided to rather raise my hat to all those who assisted in this campaign – and use this as a rallying call for the people of the South Coast to reject complacency and to rather use their united voice to demand the change which we so badly need.

Yes, there were individuals and organisations who worked very hard behind the scenes to make this happen, but the real heroes here are the people of the South Coast who spent the last 2 years submitting photos (photographic evidence) to HCS, and the thousands of community members who joined the discussion on HCS, effectively naming and shaming those caught – and no doubt, putting a bit of fear into the hearts of those who knew that they were, themselves, culprits.

Who knows how many lives you saved. Well done.

The heroes here were the people who took the time to officially join the campaign, by signing the  DA / HCS Petition which Dave Watson and the hard working local DA Team, were taking to Parliament on behalf of all those who signed. Not just a piece of paper, but a legal document which was ratified by the identity number and contact details of those who signed. Without an ID number and contact information, the document is worthless, so THANK YOU to all those who trusted the system and supplied this information.

Whilst on the matter of the petition, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to our admins and  Debbie Kolbe, in particular, who worked so hard to promote the petition on HCS and across Facebook – as well as to the South Coast Herald who also published articles on this matter.

As I am sure that many of you know, SANRAL has at last awarded a contract to install midline barriers, as well as given a firm timeline as to the completion of the the project. They have also undertaken to install temporary barriers in time for Holiday Season.

This outcome is not just a success, it is an overwhelming victory for the people of the South Coast. Not victory over SANRAL, not a victory over the government, or even a victory over death itself – it is a victory over complacency and the feeling of helplessness which most of us feel, in regards to the level of service delivery we all complain so bitterly about.

Nothing would serve the people of the South Coast better, and there is nothing which would accomplish more, than a united front by the people of the South Coast against the pathetic service delivery which sadly led to the deterioration of our infrastructure – and a reduction in the quality of life which we all know is possible.

Whilst we are all so divided by political ideologies and the nonsense pushed down our throats by most political parties, we all want the same thing – value for money in the services rendered by those employed by the taxpayer. This will never be achieved by a community divided, so get behind those who work for you.

On a more somber note. I hope that when we see the first construction vehicles on the site, and that when we see the construction taking place, and that when we drive past the completed works, that we never forget those who died on this road due to the selfishness and criminal acts of others, in order to save a measly six bucks.

You may very well be alive due to results of a community coming together and saying enough is enough.

Keep it up South Coast.