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Alleged ‘handbag thief’ apprehended in Margate


Jaco Dekker, the Tactical Response Manager for Wolf Security has been thanked for his role in apprehending a man who is accused of stealing a handbag in Margate.

Margate car guards & local law enforcement were thanked by the team at Wolf Security, for assisting in the arrest.

Locals are beyond ‘gatvol’ with crime, blaming criminals for chasing away tourists and deteriorating to the quality of life of residents.

Something so simple and imperative as going to work, is a risky endevour for many of our local residents – as they are targeted whilst they commute on foot from the transport points to their place of work.

Not a day goes by without numerous reports of honest, hard working people falling victim to criminals. There have been a number of incidents where people accused of crimes have been released by Margate SAPS, due to reasons unacceptable to the general populace. Criminals are taking advantage of every loophole in the book to avoid convictions and our over-loaded justice system seems to be fighting a losing battle, with the same faces in court again and again.

Daily, we hear reports of drugs being sold openly on Margate beach front. Prostitutes openly ply their trade on almost every corner of the town, taxis drive how they wish (with impunity) and bylaws do not seem to be enforced with the vigor required to take the fight to those who treat our town and our resident with disrespect.

This all leads to an environment which is the perfect hunting ground for these ‘petty criminals’. I find it hard to believe that they would be so keen to ply their trade in a town, where one can not even throw a piece of paper on the floor without facing repercussions.

It there ever was a time for the residents of the South Coast to stand up and say NO MORE, it is now.

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