American Hot Pizza Pie | Jamie Oliver

For a classic Chicago deep pan pizza recipe check out Jamie’s American Hot version. A chunky homemade base with simple, spicy tomato sauce that’s topped with sausage, jalapeno, red onion and cheddar before being sprinkled with fennel and paprika. Almost six times cheaper than getting one from a takeaway and we think even more delicious!
This recipe was first aired on Channel 4 in 2013 as part of Jamie’s Money Saving Meals.
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  1. 1) He didn't call it Chicago deep dish
    2) This man is a classically trained Italian chef, no? I think that definitely overrides some snobby opinions up in here.

    This looked phenomenal. It made me wanna get off my ass and make a huge batch of pizza dough. Thanks Food Tube.

  2. What the fuck is an American hot pizza pie??? Im from Chicago and that is not "deep pan pizza". Stop being lazy and making some shit and calling it Chicago, fucking lazy idiot you are Jamie.

  3. I dont mind making pizza for fun / if im in the mood.. but theres nothing wrong with take away pizza.. if you dont have it every other day the cost of it doesnt seem that bad to me imo. and there is no real flavour difference if you know the right spot you cant do it better than what they do everyday. just my 2 c.

  4. No way the cost was £1.73 or whatever it was. It cost more than the takeaway for sure. Just add up the cost of all those ingredients you're looking at around £20.00

  5. this isn't even close to a chicago style deep dish pizza. the crust is folded over and over again to achieve the crust layers, jalepenos are never used and the cheese is on the bottom, followed by the toppings and the sauce is poured on top. In America we almost never use ground fennel for anything, much less a pizza. it looks good, but it's not in any real way american, much less chicago.