Are you taking Full Advantage of your Biznet Membership?

Hibiscus Coast Seconds ®  has recently changed ownership, and although our mission remains the same 

– Working together to make the Hibiscus Coast a Better Place to Live & Work –  

we are now taking it a step further by taking our Facebook   LOCALS ONLY  advertising space to GOOGLE where we can broaden our reach without compromising our tight-nit community by allowing non-locals into it. 

Hibiscus Coast Seconds®  – the Facebook group that we all know and love – is simply a community group (consisting of 43000 local members)  that forms one part of our wide array of offerings. 

Included in our Facebook space we offer our locals the following groups:

Hibiscus Coast Cars (HCS) 

Hibiscus Coast Property

Hibiscus Coast Auctions (Sunday Funday)

We would like to take this moment to introduce to you , our Business Network Members, our two NEW  groups that could possibly give your business that extra little boost that you may need:

With phases under way, HCS has recently launched PHASE 1 of our HCS Vision Board  – : An Online Business Directory.

This is not just any business directory though, this is a comprehensive directory incorporating as much information into each listing as possible, allowing direct contact forms, ratings and reviews , ability to host events through each listing, sell goods and more.

(These features will be available soon). 

But … we understand that not every one wants to leave Facebook to find a service that they need, and so we have taken it one step further, we have incorporated our online directory onto a public Facebook Directory, with each business in its own category.

Easy to find, easy to review and easy to share. 

With just one click, you are taken to the google listing and are able to contact the service provider right away.

This is a big move for our Coast, working together to make the Hibiscus Coast a Better Place to Live and Work. 

Change is good, yet it can be uncomfortable. 

This is why we offer our Biznet members the HCS Biznet Hub group where we can work with you , one on one, to ensure that you get your listing right. We include tips on advertising your business on HCS, and we explain the importance of things such as the correct use of your # (hashtag) in your unique Biznet code and how your company benefits from using it in the correct format. 


With that out the way, here’s the nitty gritty :

All old Biznet numbers are expiring in

  • 00

  • 00

  • 00


Exceptions will be considered for members who post on the 29th, 30th and 31st of this month. During these period, members can post multiple times through the day and night without a Biznet number and no rules apply. From 1 March 2019, the new rules and requirements are mandatory.

⇒ All old Biznet numbers will expire at the end of Feb.

⇒ Your new Biznet numbers were emailed to you when you created an account on our website – if you have created an account and forgot any details please contact us here


⇒ As of March the 1st all business posts will be approved by admin, providing that they are listed on the Google Biznet Directory. (Simply having new Biznet numbers will not be enough to get your advert approved) To continue with your listing follow here


This will remove plenty adverts from the group allowing for more advertising exposure for businesses who have already jumped on the HCS Biznet Directory Wagon. 


The membership is still free.

(There are additional perks for Featured Advertisers ,  contact us  for more information )

HCS Biznet Directory
Boost your Success

If you have not yet listed, or you have created an account and need to complete your listing, follow here : 

If you have listed on the Google Directory, your listing will be on the Facebook Directory. Please go search for it, and comment with any changes you would like made to the category (Topic) it is in. 

It has been mentioned on the Hub group, Facebook Business Pages are of upmost importance when it comes to choosing between a couple of service providers. What you put in, you get out. This is true with regards to the business listing details you choose to add/edit on your listings.

Keep it updated and relevant


HCS aims to condense the BEST of our Coast onto our website allowing for only improvements to our community. 

We need your help and in turn our services will be massively beneficial to you. 

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