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Baby Dies In Car Accident Which Could Possibly Have Been Avoided



Car Seat Cop

Baby dies in car accident … possibly could have been avoided.

On April 27,2013 Holly Wagner had thought her two kids Cameron 11months and 3 year old Connor were buckled safety in their car seats when the worst nightmare of any parent occurred. Holly received the dreaded phone call – her 2 sons and her boyfriend had been in a car accident.

Holly’s boyfriend had run a stop sign and smashed his car. He and her son Connor sustained serious injuries but it was Cameron who was left in critical condition on life support. Once Holly was informed that Connor wouldn’t make it, she decided to switch off the machines to prevent any further suffering.

The police report stated that Connors car seat was buckled incorrectly. It also should have been rear facing, but Holly had no clue about the necessity of rear facing car chairs for children younger than 2 years old.

Holly is now warning other parents about the importance of car seat safety.

It may be a real pain buckling your children in every time you take a trip, but you never know what could happen and the ramifications.

Often parents want to reach out to those who have not buckled their kids in correctly, or who are in a vehicle without a car chair at all, but most times they are scared of backlash and that their information may come across sanctimonious.

Car seat safety is not a parental decision. There’s a good chance that Holly lost her little one because someone was too afraid to say something for fear of backlash.

Always say something. It’s worth it.

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