Back to School Fails || FailArmy

Back in school? Hopefully you’re not already failing! If you are, check out your fellow students in these back to school fails! WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: Best Fails …



  1. The overflagging needs to stop. Over sensitive people stay the fuck off of videos like these, you know you're going to be offended so don't watch the fucking video!

  2. All the fails are at like private schools. I got to s private school. It's boring. We have to have fun. But it ends up with fails. It's really funny

  3. Once this odd kid at school tried to impress me by doing a back flip and he pointed at me and said 'This ones for you' and he tried to do the back flip and he fell on his bum

    That by can never sit down again

  4. at my school it is 6 stories tall and on the highest tier my friend dropped his phone and it hit the ground it broke XD it's like a 200 to 300 ft drop

  5. Supreme exemple that compelling your students to wear shirt and ties will not make them disciplined and (more important) smarter. But for sure they will look dumber while failing.