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Beat The Heat: South Coast Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

When you can’t stand the heat, some will tell you to get out of the kitchen, but like most tips, it’s not very useful or practical. The South Coast can be a hot place at any time of year. The kitchen can be very exhausting and draining due to the heat of the kitchen combined with the heat of the air.


The problem is aggravated even further due to the high humidity we experience on the coast. Fortunately, there is a help, with summer just around the corner we have established some tips that can be followed to beat the heat in the kitchen.


Proper Ventilation: Investing in a good fan has two important advantages. First, it eliminates odors and smoke from the kitchen to freshen the air, and a second kitchen creates an air flow in and out of the kitchen that reduces the temperature to a nicer level.


Avoid Using Your Oven: The oven is not always a wise idea on a hot day due to the heat and increases the temperature. Use your time wisely and have your oven going early in the morning or late afternoon, try and avoid using the oven during the hottest times of day.


Prepare Well, Reduce Cooking Time: Prepare all your ingredients beforehand to cook faster and reduce the time spent in the kitchen.


Eat Foods Which Do Not Need To Be Heated: fresh salads, cold soups and fruit can taste great on a warm day, but also reduces the heat generated in your kitchen. Think twice before heating up a pan of hot oil to fry foods, fried foods which are loaded with unhealthy fat, your body will love you for it.


Get an Induction Cooker: The induction cooker is the easiest way to enjoy cooking on a hot day. With induction cookers, you can cook with the fan at full speed as their is no flame. It also uses 90% of the energy produced, much more efficient than a conventional electric or gas stove, which loses about 70% of the heat produced to its environment, thereby increasing the temperature in the kitchen as well. Not only does your induction cooker reduce energy costs but it lowers your carbon footprint as well.


So, as you can see, the cooking on the South Coast can be a sizzling hot affair, however, there is always room for improvement.

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