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HCS has run out of space! We are at MAX capacity and cannot fit anymore self-promotion posts. 

But what we have is WAY better for YOU and for our local ECONOMY. 

The "Local First" Movement

LOCAL FIRST is not just just a call-to-action, this is the LOCALS plan for wide-spread economy growth 

It’s the Coasts’ Search & Discover mobile APP for Local Businesses ONLY!

We’re making it fun & easy for Locals to support Local!

If your business is locally owned, (and does not receive national advertising for it’s products)

 APPLY for your online Storefront HERE! 

We only have a few UNIQUE biznet codes available,  and issued on APPROVAL of your STORE! 

This limited code will allow you to share your LOCAL FIRST Store link on HCS (code valid for a limited time only). 

If your store checks all the local-boxes, you will receive a WELCOME to Local First mail. 

It will have your very own unique #Biznet code (if you’re within the first 300 to list). 

Once you have received your Welcome mail, you will see your information that you should save somewhere safe. 


Potential customers will find you on Google Search , Google Maps & Google Play Store APP.

Listing an event is as simple as listing your business. 

Share your event to HCS and your social media platforms for additional exposure. 

Bookings can be made on your listing

Customers are able to review and rate your services on your listings. 

Detailed listings enable you to stand out amongst competitors 

Customers can contact you directly from your listing

Frequently asked questions

In such rapidly changing times, the digital age requires us to innovate as much as everyone else – in order to keep our platforms delivering massive value, for nothing at all. 

However, the age #Covid19 has made way for many locals to dip their toes into entrepreneurship. With over 4500 biznet users, the HCS group is leaning more towards more ‘spammy’, than the valuable content that we so desperalty need to preserve & improve. 

By separating our community sales & chats, from the buzzing backbone of our economy ( that’s you – our local businesses) , we believe we have the answer to “awareness” problems many small businesses face today.

By creating an extremely convenient, fun, easy and synergistic process for our local community to form lasting relationships – we will afford massive opportunity to our locals to all work together for widespread economy growth. 

Listing on the Local First APP not only creates you a digital online storefront that gets you easily found on Google, locals are dying to find locals to support! But where does one know where to find skilled local businesses, who deliver high-quality work? The Local First Movement will get you discovered.

You do not need to have a biznet number to use Local Firsts’ services. However, you will need to apply for a biznet code to share your Local First store listing to HCS. 

A Biznet number is your very own unique code that is issued to you when you have listed on the Biznet Directory.

This code identifies you as an advertiser on HCS and designates you one day per week to advertise your services on our HCS Community group.

Biznet numbers help us manage the group and prevent spam that is common on other groups

We have designed the Biznet code with a # (Hashtag) in the front of it for good reason. The use of the # creates a “tag” for that code and it will be in BOLD ie: #LocalMo000018

#Local (that’s what we are celebrating)

followed by Day of the week : Mo (Monday)

and your number :000018

Codes with the zero’s removed will be approved. 

ie: #LocalMo18

Every # will get its own URL that will take a member straight through to your very own Facebook page displaying all previous adverts posted with that exact URL. 

We have always been about Supporting Local.

Check out Eligibility here

Spend time on your listing. A rushed job shows, and never looks good for business when a potential customer has to choose which provider to go with. 

We have some awesome features, so use them. Upload your menu and prices, promotions etc. 

Please use your correct details. Your contact form will be registered with your email address. It looks super unprofessional if your business listing has incorrect contact details.

Use your #biznet code in the correct format on every advert. 

Keep your listing updated and relevant. This is super helpful to potential customers including our much anticipated Holiday Makers.

Spell Check your listing before you publish it. Again, this is super important for the professionalism you intend to portray for your business. 

Share you listing on all you social media accounts. 

Encourage your clients to rate and review your service  on your listing. Join the Biznet User Hub on Facebook for more tips, tricks, updates and imprtant information. 

Absolutely yes. We can feature your listings and offer varying packages to suit your needs. You can contact us for more information. can

We ask all local businesses  to join our online Local Biz Lounge . Here we post updates and important information. You can join here.

send us a whatsapp if you need help with your listing
076 543 6110