Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake | Jamie Oliver

This is a paid advertisement | Who doesn’t love the occasional slice of cheesecake as an after dinner treat? This jaw droppingly good frozen cheesecake combines this classic with another indulgent favourite – Black Forest Gateau. Jamie swirls homemade sweet cherry jam through a rich cream cheese mixture before piling it onto a chocolately biscuit base. Decorated with yet more chocolate and gold leaf this is a celebration cake your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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27 Comments on "Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake | Jamie Oliver"

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Hans Hendriks

Thomas berge greatest hitsingle?

Leo Dinh

use the whole raw eggs without heating.?

Matt Leung

you guys are afraid of raw eggs but love cookie dough with them in it?! lol I witnessed it before. and guys you're in the first and second world countries. if you do not trust your food system where you gonna go? sun??

Louqman Kebbati

Jamie's lost some weight and is looking a lot better rock on mate!?

Chams Nour

S'il vous plaît, écrivez les ingrédients et merci.?

Katelyn _Chenoa


Kyle Tseng

Can someone explain the entire thing about putting raw egg yolks into desserts and not coming out sick??


Naming crumbled cookies cake is an insult to any proper cake out there! And the whole thing is an insult to the black forest bakery tradition as well!!! :D?


love to see what yoy guys think of tiramisu….??

Sam Bennett

It's probably 1 in 100-500 chances to get seriously ill with Salmonella from bad egg but it does happening and there is the always is risk present. I love runny eggs for breakfast and for many years did have only 2-3 times a bad egg. And, the consequences were awfull: was violently ill. Thought gonna die. It was enough to make me caucious about eating undercooked eggs for the rest of my life. ?

Abaigeal Duda

I work with a bunch of guys, and we move boxes/freight every night. I'm the tiny older lady on the team, but I'm a good baker, and this is going to be our week's treat. Thanks to the master, Jamie O.?

Ángye A

I want to make it but without eggs and bake jiji :)?

Georgina Andreou

wow! i want some now yummy!?

Aejay Papa

I really like it… wary about the eggs though…. so i think i will pass.. he he he?

Excelle Bank

Nahhhhhh Jamie. You need to bake this particular recipe. In fact it's got the consistency on f an ice cream ??

Silva Chow

the eggs is uncooked???????

samia aldabbagh

First it looks amazing but I have a question … When we use eggs don't we need to bake it first??

Sam Backx

It's safe to eat I tried it but it's not as easy as it looks
Like to say thanks?


What is it with you people and irrational fear of raw eggs? They are used like this in countless desserts.?

Katie Knaapen

people commenting on raw egg .. What do u think mousse is made from!!!! make this for my Christmas dinner dessert !!! yum!!!!?

Xaralampos Sereslis

Incredible… I'm so hungry?

Hansel Corpuz

complaining about the raw eggs? pfffft white people..?

Aleksandra Tinkerbell
Aleksandra Tinkerbell

Hey Jamie, I just love this recipe of yours! It is really easy to make, that's what makes it great. But… I cant simply use raw eggs, because I buy my eggs and I can't take a risk of getting salmonella. :/ Can I make this without eggs? And also, what kind of cyrup do you use to soak in the cherries??

Dave The British Comedian 2004
Dave The British Comedian 2004

+Jamie Oliver Why would you add raw egg to no bake cheesecake? Eggs contain salmonella which can be fatal!?

Alex C

Great cake! Did the cake go back to the fridge before slicing? The chocolate looks pretty hardened.?

Sarianna Saarenheimo

Thank you very much! We're making this for New Year's Eve, looks super delicious!! If one mixes cream, butter, chocolate and Philadelphia cream cheese with a hint of clementine and vanilla, one can hardly go wrong :D?

Oosee Oosee

Can I make it without eggs?