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Business Complaint Report Form


If you would like the Hibiscus Coast Seconds Team to represent you in lodging a complaint against any local business, please fill in the form on the link below.

Hibiscus Coast Seconds, besides in instances where there has been obvious criminality, a threat of violence or intimidation, will not tend to any complaints which have not first been raised with the manager/owner of the business by the complainant.

Our motivation behind this, is that we believe that most problems can be solved by simply explaining your dissatisfaction with the manager/owner of the business concerned and that most times the relationship can be saved by the business making amends, which they are mostly happy to do.

Sometimes it is the customer that is being unreasonable.

Once you have tried to resolve the issue and you are still not happy with the outcome, then we will investigate the complaint on your behalf and do our very best to resolve the issue on your behalf.

Companies who receive multiple complaints and who do not wish to work with us to resolve the complaint, will banned from advertising across the HCS Platform.

If you matter is urgent, we charge a priority fee of R50 which will go towards expenses incurred in the day to day running of Hibiscus Coast Seconds. If you select PRIORITY, we will send you an invoice with our banking details.

When no laws or social norms are broken, will always try to assist the company and the customer reach an amicable solution where the business relationship is strengthened and lessons learnt will improve the service delivery of the company concerned.

Our procedure would be as follows.

  1. Inform the company that a complaint has been laid against them
  2. Show them the complaint in the complainants own words
  3. Ask for comment from the company
  4. Submit the comment to the complainant for review
  5. Should the complainant be satisfied, we close the case
  6. Should the complainant not be satisfied, admins will vote on whether to
    1. close the case, or
    2. proceed with the complaint, and then
  7. Notify both parties of Admin decision and then attempt to reach an amicable resolution between the company and the complainant
  8. Should an amicable resolution be reached, we then close the case
  9. Should it not be possible to reach an amicable resolution, admins will advise the complainant to approach the small claims court for relief.
  10. Based upon the decision of the arbitrator at the small claims court, admins will then take appropriate action based upon the seriousness of the matter.

If you would like to submit a complaint, please do so by clicking HERE