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Henrys Diesel & Turbo
Unit 2 of Building 1
Oribi Park
Lind Road
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For all your Diesel Fuel Pumps, Injectors & Turbo repairs & sales contact us
KZN South Coast PCT Waterproofing
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Approved Distributor and Applicator on the South Coast KZN for the PCT Water Repellent Technology a Leader in Hydrophobic Evolution.

PCT Water Repellent technology a Leader in Hydrophobic Evolution.
With products used and tested for over 25 years with great success in the building, construction and D.I.Y sectors.
Our products are environmentally friendly when cured , preserve buildings, monuments and structures, cutting maintenance costs dramatically.
Water and moisture are the biggest enemy of building/structures causing deterioration to the surface and to the structure itself. 71% of paint failures are caused by water or moisture(rising damp, penetrating damp, penetration by gravity).
PCT Water Repellent Technology Products will satisfy the client with Permanent or Long Term solutions .
An easy to apply product range without the need of specialised equipment.
A must for every builder, painter, renovator, home owner, damp/water proofing specialist and developer.