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Canine attack leads to death of local business man



At the beginning of 2018, it was reported that a Appal Naidoo, his wife Kanna and daughter Shanda  were taking a stroll around their neighbourhood in Pelican Road, when they were taken by surprise by  two pitbulls and a dalmatian, who were wandering the streets. The dogs attacked the man, his wife and his daughter, causing extreme facial damage to Appal, as well as multiple bite wounds to them all and  extreme blood loss.

The father took the brunt of the attack, as he tried to protect his wife and daughter from the dogs, but even after life-saving efforts from the doctors at the hospital the 82 year man, we have learnt that he has succumbed to his injuries, and died earlier this month.

His daughter and wife, are recovering from the multiple bites and injuries, but are devastated at the loss of their husband and father.

The SPCA investigted the attack and the dogs were put down, two weeks after the tragic incident that has left many scar and a family in sorrow.

We appeal to dog owners to take responsibility to ensure that your dogs are not roaming the streets unattended, but are safe and secure behind closed gates on your properties. Let keep our community and pets safe, so that a tragedy such as the one above is not a reoccurrence.

Our hearts go out to the Naidoo family, in their time of loss.



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