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Is Cannabis Oil a harmful drug or a beneficial medicine? The Hibiscus Coast has strong opinions



Is Cannabis Oil a harmful drug or a beneficial medicine?

An interesting discussion took place on the Hibiscus Coast Seconds Facebook group recently regarding the use of Cannabis Oil.
Although the private use of the oil is still illegal in South Africa, the opinions on the thread were mostly in favour of using the oil for medical reasons.

Valda Rousseau said : “I was so desperate tried every product i could for five years now . I had like a ruff patch on my face and nose . Everyone said its the sun “bla bla” it cant go away . I bought cannabis oil and put it on the spots for about a month and … it’s gone !!!! It really worked. I didn’t drink it or smoke it just put it like that on the spot.”

Ralph Margo :” My step sister had a lump in her breast. After going for chemo there was no improvement. After using cannabis oil the lump shrank to under half a cm in 3 weeks.
My father is also fighting cancer at the moment. Almost a year ago he was given a year to live. He is fighting hard and going for chemo and also using oil and he credits the oil as the main reason that he is winning his fight.”

Alan Watts : “Alcohol has caused more deaths and misery than cannabis has or ever will. Fact.”

Rudi Van Wyk : “I suffer glaucoma and if i use the oil or even the tea my eyes are instantly better. I do believe in this. If you asked me 5 years ago i would say its drugs because that is what we were told… but its been tested and tried by too many people including myself.”

Suzanne Grobler : “In general wr are really poorly informed about cannabis oil in sa. There are various strains and types. Ones high in CBD (cannabidiol) and others high in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) . The cbd doesn’t give you a “high” but the THC can. After many years of crossbreading to get the highest thc concentration alot of the strains have almost none of thw CBD. CBD can counteract the high given by THC. The body has various receptors that are triggered by the various canabidoids. I know people who are treating all sorts of things with various strains. Friends opting for the oil after battling with chemo. Friends living a victorious life with the oil after being diagnosed with lupus. Friends with epilepsy and parkinsons who use the oil. Basically i think its a beneficial herb that must be studied more thoroughly in order to see which strains benefit certain medical conditions, people must be aware of the “snake oil salesman” who doesn’t know which strain he had what it cures and how concentrated the solution.”

Liandie Mulder : “Cannabis cures cancer and is illegal, cigarettes causes cancer yet it is legal… explain that…”

Barry Fritz : “my friend had brain tumour inoperable , he has taken it for 6 months now and latest scan shows tumour is gone”

There were members who showed some concern regarding the use of the oil, some were concerned that the legalizing of the herb would just encourage the private use for non-medical reasons. People retorted that they believe that alcohol and Cigarettes have far worse health implications than Marijuana and is legal.

Gavin Reid certainly doesn’t help Basals skin cancer have tried it for a long time. has been scientifically proven to cause serious and PERMANENT brain damage.

Nadine Brits says ” the oil does not heal you it only heals you’re mind to take the pain away for a few min.and I would say make it legal.its the one drug that you get locked up for but the one that has never killed anyone.”

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