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Facebook….are they overstepping or are you sharing too much…

Facebook….are they overstepping or are you sharing too much… Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting firm that did digital work for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and has close ties to Steve Bannon and GOP mega-donor Robert Mercer, is in hot water after several recent reports have raised ethical and potentially legal questions about […]

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Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining Frenzy, Shortage of GPU’s in SA

The entire country is experiencing a shortage of graphics cards. Especially NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 are out of stock everywhere. This is following the current hype around Ethereum and Cryptocurrencies.   Ethereum is a 3 year old  Cryptocurrency created by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum has recently skyrocketed due to the current climate and hype around the technology. More […]

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“Nutritionist vs Dietician” by Michelle Kaminer from The Good Health Shop

At fifty-mumble and a half, I have worked around ill health for 33 years. My first job was in a pharmacy and it was here I started learning that there’s a pill for every ill and a potion for every emotion; until my child got sick we hit a dead-end with western medicine. He was misdiagnosed and traumatised by treatments and I had no option but to begin looking at what was available in the wider world. The more I explored, the harder it became to work in a chemist. Script after script with the exact same medicines for all the patients the doc saw that morning; drugs that clearly worked against each other and unnecessary meds were only the tip of the iceberg. Within the framework of the pharmacy I started exploring supplements and nutrition and discussing with the customers/patients, most of whom were receptive and, hearing it for the 1st time, keen to experiment. The more popular these ‘chats’ became with the customers, the less popular I became with the pharmacist and other staff, until it was finally time to leave and do it for and by myself. And the rest, as they say, is history. 9 years later and The Good Health Shop is still going strong. Born from the need in a community seriously lacking in HealthCare (but with an abundance of Sickness Care) I have trained as a Sclerologist in order to have some tools to assess why people’s health fails. Ongoing training for myself, as well as Lu and Rosalie, has us all equipped to deal with health concerns across the spectrum. We believe in Education and the power that knowledge brings us in the quest for Good Health.