South Coast Hospice

South Coast Hospice provides palliative care and support to patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, motor neuron disease, TB and MDR TB. We provide a choice of specialist care and support to enable patients to attain the highest possible quality of life, using an interdisciplinary approach.

A holistic approach is fundamental to the care South Coast Hospice offers patients, as it ensures that physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. This holistic care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team which includes :
Nursing & Medical Staff
Spiritual Interventions
Bereavement Support
Family Support

Volunteers also work alongside Hospice staff to enhance many aspects of Hospice Care.

The Hospice team has established links and partnerships with colleagues in the local hospitals, community and social services, which enable a speedy response to patients’ needs.

Hospice relies solely on donations and fundraisers. 

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