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Is the cigarette’s day… going up in smoke??



Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister, is no fan of the tobacco industry and is promising engaging changes that will affect smokers in South Africa

Smoking Ban.jpgAs smokers, you could be in for some serious changes to your daily puff:

Complete ban on smoking in buildings: Through this legislation, you will see the demise of the remaining 25% smoking space in public buildings. Restaurants and dining establishments will no longer be permitted to have a designated smoking areas.

Potential shutdown of smoking anywhere near an entrance to a building: Current legislation is already in place to impose smoking 10m away from buildings entrances. “Dr Motsoaledi emphasised that “that this behaviour of walking just out of a building and lighting up right on the doorstep, has to be curbed”.

Removal of cigarette vending machines: The removal of all vending machines in South Africa, no matter where they are is to be done, so it is difficult for smokers to have access to tobacco products.

Graphic images on cigarette packaging: The long term plan, also targets the packaging, which may include graphic images to help smokers be dissuaded from smoking. In the short term, an effort to restrain the tobacco industry from making their products visually appealing is for legislation to enforce plain packaging and to keep only have warning labels and the brand name on the exterior of the box. This could also include the ban of in-store advertising of tobacco products too.

E-cigarettes and other nicotine dispensing gadgets to be included in the legislation. The rules of above could be enforced upon these nicotine gadgets and to curb further access to tobacco products.

So put these thoughts of the potential ban on tabacco products to put in your pipe and smoke it….


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Who will start losing money in this for Myself I dont go to a restaurant if there is not a smoking area. So my money is going elsewhere