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Consumer help: electricity



Registering on Eksom’s website will allow you to query your account, view your consumption, submit your meter readings or log a fault. The customer centre accepts phone calls, SMS, email and website queries. See the website for contact details.

National Electricity Regulator

With any electricity-related complaint, your first port of call should be to the supplier, which is either Eskom or your municipality (see below). If you receive no satisfaction or are unhappy with how your complaint was dealt with, you can approach the regulator.Nersa, a statutory body, is legally mandated to resolve disputes between suppliers and customers and between suppliers themselves. It handles complaints regarding the quality of supply or service, billing, metering and tariffs.


In South Africa, most electricity is supplied by either Eskom or via distributors (usually municipalities). Check your electricity account to see who your supplier is. If it is not Eskom, you need to contact the distributor directly if you have a problem with your account or electricity supply.

Electrical Contracting Board

Electrical contractors are legally obliged to register annually with the board, an agency of the Department of Labour. You can search the website for contractors.