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Consumer help: motor vehicles


Here’s where to go for advice and complaints about motor vehicle dealers, garages and manufacturers.

Motor Industry Ombudsman

Offers independent dispute resolution for the motor industry and its customers. You should lodge your complaint with the ombud in writing, via fax, email or registered post.

Retail Motor Industry Organisation

The organisation’s consumer affairs division will take up your complaints about dodgy dealers and slapshod service provided the dealer or garage is a member of the organisation. However, you should first try and resolve the problem with senior management at the dealer before approaching the RMI.It’s a good idea to check the organisation’s online membership directory before you buy your car or take it in for a service.

Automobile Association

A wide and reliable range of technical, legal and other services as well as advice and tips for paying members.The AA also plays an advocacy role, lobbying government and parastatals to protect and enhance motorists’ interests.

South African Bureau of Standards

You can complain to the SABS about the safety aspects of vehicle components, such as safety belts and brakes.