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An Easy Guide to Hibiscus Coast Seconds



As our community grows and Hibiscus Coast Seconds becomes busier and busier, it has become necessary for us to manage certain types of content on HCS ,to ensure both a safe and enjoyable experience for the majority of our members and to stay true to our mission statement and vision.

As always, the  fundamental rules on Hibiscus Coast Seconds are:

  • The product or service being advertised has to be local,
  • Members may only post one business related post per week (once every 7 days)
  • Members take care with their posts and answer any queries timeously
  • and that members are accountable for their posts.

It is very important to understand, that HCS is a closed community and we simply are not interested in providing a platform for those who simply wish to dump their ads on HCS and not interact with the rest of the community or answer queries on their posts.

We very kindly ask, that members post directly onto HCS and not share from other groups or pages, as permissions issues result in the majority of the other members only seeing “Attachment Unavailable”, as a result it is absolutely non negotiable that we ask members to please add their posts to HCS and not share from personal profiles and other groups or pages. This is the only way that we can manage this and as we grow, we have to put there measures into place so that we can keep HCS a safe and enjoyable platform.

Commercial marketers will no longer be permitted to promote their clients businesses on Hibiscus Coast Seconds without prior arrangement. We would love to work with you, so please get hold of us to make arrangements.

The following is a summary of our group policies.

[alert-success]Permitted Content[/alert-success]

  • Sell my private second hand goods. Unlimited
  • Sell my brand new goods. One post every 7 days
  • Promote my local business: One business ad every 7 days
  • Ask questions, advice and chat
  • Advertise a legitimate event: Self Posted
  • Share my Story: Within our group policies
  • Ask for referrals or advice
  • Admins may use discretion in moderating content
  • All requests for donations or charity HAVE to be administered through Hibiscus Helping Hands

[alert-warning] Restricted Content[/alert-warning]

  • Spam or any illegal content
  • Post links to unapproved group and pages
  • Ask members to “like my page” or “Vote for me”
  • Post links to unapproved directories, advertising platforms, websites or online stores
  • Self Post Competitions or Surveys
  • Promote unapproved financial or medical products
  • Absolutely no diet or weightloss, unless by a registered dietitian or professional
  • Unapproved multi-level-marketing offers
  • Complaints unless within our guidelines
  • Religious, Political or Incendiary Topics
  • No backyard breeders, puppy mills or similar


Please see our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions and to the HERE  for more detailed policies. (E&OE