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We have noticed that sometimes when a good or interesting offer is places on HCS, that there is quite alot of work for the advertiser to collect contact details and reply to each enquiry – simply because of the number of people who request information on the offer.

Members tend to leave their email address to request more information, or ask the advertiser to send them a brochure or catalogue.

So we though of a way that we can make this firstly easier for the HCS Member to find out more about the offer and then secondly easier for the advertiser to manage – so we came up with HCS Easy Info

[toggle title=”How it works for buyers”]It is easy.

You will see an ad or offer on HCS or any social media, for that matter – you click the ad, land on the advertisers page, read the offer, download a brochure or catalogue and then leave your contact details if you would like more info, make a purchase or request a meeting.

We will send you a confirmation to your email stating the next steps.

All safely done on the Hibiscus Coast Seconds Platform. Easy …[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How it works for advertisers”]How it works is that instead of requesting that members contact you or leave their email address for more info – instead you simply paste the link to your custom page, and a few words and then click post.

Our website will then serve up a perfectly sized graphic and post to HCS (or any other Facebook Group, Page, Timeline or other social media site)

People will see your professional looking ad, click for more info and then be able to read your sales pitch, download your brochure and send you their contact details.

We will send you an email with the contact information in real time.

We hope that this helps save you some time and makes it oh-so-easy for your prospective client.

What we will do for you:

  1. Create a graphic advertisement of the perfect size to look good on Facebook and other social media.
  2. Convert your brochure, catalogue or offer into a PDF for easy downloading and viewing.
  3. Publish a custom page for you, where prospective clients can learn more about your offer, download your catalogue and request further information, place an order or make an appointment.

What does it cost?

We charge a nominal fee of R100 to setup your offer on the lead generator, however, this service is FREE for HCS Business Network Members.