FailArmy Presents: People are Awesome | Epic Wins Compilation

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  1. 0:35

    right? As a guy, If you didn't instantly start picturing yourself eating her out in that position, you're gay. I'm not saying it as an insult. It's just one possibility. A very high one, I might add. I'd motorboat that until she shoots my face.

    "Pervert! Keep it to yourself! You need help!"

    No, YOU need help. I'm normal as hell. If a vag can't turn you on, then you're gay. I'm not saying being gay is weird. I just find it dumb when straight guys pretend to be grossed out at suggestive things. Like, wtfever.

  2. If I tried any of these I'd probably break one of my legs. I'm probably the slowest at running in my school. I went trampolining once and I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm a bit concerned about myself… ;-;