Fails of the Week 1 October 2016 || Fail Army

New month, new fails!! Here are the best fails of the first week of October. Be sure to let us know which clips made you laugh the hardest in the comments section …



  1. 2:55 that note that the guitar made sounded like the same note from the very start of 'we are never getting back together" By Taylor Swift.. Is it just me?

  2. That last one was terrible. I can't imagine how many structural cracks are in that wood now, not to mention the amount of damage to the truss connector plates. Incredibly dumb. If they were building something for me, I'd fire them immediately and demand a refund.

  3. do people not realise that dogs get destructive and destroy their beds or doors because they get distressed and scared when they're locked away or alone? they dont understand that when we leave them we'll always come back. once we're gone they have no concept of our return! poor thing 🙁