Funny Target Practice Fails 2016 | Hits And Misses by FailArmy

Sometimes you hit the mark.. unfortunately. Here are all the funniest hits and misses fails from the FailArmy library. Shout out to our friends in the glass repair …



  1. I honestly dont understand why so many people are bitching about the kid with a rifle,
    Safety equipment is in place
    Adults are supervising
    And its a fucking rifle, I doubt the kid can even lift it to accidentally hurt someone.
    Guns are here to stay, we can't nu-invent them, we can teach our youth to not fear them and use guns properly.
    Oh and BTW guns aren't the problem with school shootings, its school systems not dealing with bullies and parents not paying attention when their child has begun acting weird.
    Stop bitching about guns if you've never used one, they are a tool to protect life and property, dont loop us in with the mentally disturbed.
    And Yes I do own a gun but if I'm shooting for fun, I use my bow.

  2. Oh yeah, let's just let this CHILD fire a gun and not only are we letting a CHILD FIRE A GUN, we are letting them do it with improper form which could get them seriously hurt.