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The Voice SA: South Coast Local, Gal Lee Tal chosen for Fast Track Auditions





If you have not yet listened to local singing sensation, Gal-Lee Tal, then do yourself a favour and click on this link to watch on YouTube

Gal-Lee Tal is 18, but with the maturity and focus of a 30 year old. I sat down to have a chat to Gal-Lee about her future in music, after Hibiscus Coast Seconds learnt that Gal-Lee has been chosen for the fast track auditions for The Voice SA.

What does fast track auditions mean – well basically when you see the thousands of people queuing to enter The Voice, she is not one of them. Aspiring artists can send in videos of them performing prior to auditions and if you are good enough you get fast tracked to auditiongal  the day before the mass auditions. After Gal-Lee sent The Voice the video of her singing Young and Beautiful, she got the call to say she had been selected for fast track and she will sing in front of a panel of Judges on Tuesday the 18th of October 2016.

Gal-Lee, which means my wave in Hebrew is one of those people you feel instantly comfortable with. She is warm and friendly and more importantly, she is driven and focused. There is not much more that she wants to do with her life, other than sing, yet she only started singing at 14 and with very little vocal training her voice is naturally incredible.

Gal-Lee entered Idols South Africa when she was 16 and although she made it through the first few rounds the Judges felt that she needed to grow more as a vocal artist, and like Gal-Lee says, in hindsight she is grateful that happened because she feels she is stronger now in her passion and in her talent.

There is something special, in my personal opinion, about an 18 year old, who when asked who her favourite artist is, does not reply with the usual, Taylor Swift or Adele. Gal-Lee mentioned musicians that I had never heard of (with great embarrassment) and this is proof of her unique style and genre. Gal-Lee’s style is a mix of folk, jazz and country but I think this artist could sing anything and make it sensational.

Her family is a reflection of her. She is the second youngest of 4 kids and her mom, who was with us at the interview, has definitely instilled a quiet confidence in Gal-Lee. You can see the bond between them is very strong and as Gal-Lee says, her family will always be her biggest support group. As a family they have lived in Israel, Italy, UK and now have made the South Coast their home, and that travel, which definitely broadens the mind, has assisted Gal-Lee in knowing that whatever happens in the future, she is able to get on a plane and see the world, whilst singing.

Gal-Lee is no stranger to performing live, and has sung at Farm to Fork Feast and at local dance productions and this is where Gal-Lee is at home. On stage, astounding the crowd with the vocal range and the raw talent of a super star, which I believe is where she is headed. She has been on the cover of Miss Pulse and has won modelling competitions, but that is not where the dream is for her.

I asked her if she has other plans if she does make it through on the Voice and, of course, someone so determined and driven knows that if it not the Voice, something will happen. She has had interest from talent scouts in the States and in Israel and her options are definitely wide open. After uploading her first video on Youtube only 4 weeks ago, Gal-Lee is currently sitting with over 6000 views of her videos.

But, let me tell you this, after watching the latest video of Gal-Lee covering Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, those views are going to climb through the roof. This is goose bump material folks.

Please do yourselves a favour, click on this link on YouTube and let’s show our support for some Home Grown Talent who is going to be making waves in South Africa and Internationally in the very near future.

Gal-Lee from myself and, I am sure, most of our locals, we wish you all the best for your auditions.

Article: Angi Strachan
Photo Credit: Sean Van Tonder


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What a talented and beautiful young woman!

Sharon Carby
Sharon Carby

Our wonderful Gal-Lee! Ethan Chrsitian School student. We are so proud of you and believe you are going places you never dreamed!

Carey-Lee Tal
Carey-Lee Tal

Love this girl. Her beauty shines from within