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Have you seen this fish?


HCS Member Wessel Coetzee is asking for information which can lead to the whereabouts of a priceless piece of fish taxidermy, that went missing after a fish taxidermist allegedly offered to respray the priceless family treasure – in exchange for permission to make a mould of the record breaking fish.

According to Mr Coetzee his father , who bagged the record breaking Brindle Bass whilst spearfishing in 1970, was approached by fish taxidermist Rian Alberts who offered to respray the fish which was preserved as  a trophy, in exchange for permission and right to cast a mould so that he may make copies and sell.

Mr Alberts then allegedly collected the fish, but has not made good on his side of the deal and has vanished. Cellphone numbers provided by Mr Alberts appear to be ‘fake’ according to Mr Coetzee jnr, who posted a plead for information on Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

Mr Alberts may have relocated to the Shelly Beach area.

The Brindle Bass, which was landed in St Lucia, weighed a whopping 540lb. It held various records for may decades, and the trophy holds great sentimental value to the family.

The Brindle Bass & Potato Bass are now a nationally protected species.

South Coasters may remember when a dead Brindle Bass washed up on the shore of Kelso Beach, over the new year in 2003. It has been shot twice by spear fishermen, and sparked a huge outcry from the local community.

If anybody has any information on Mr Rian Alberts, the Brindle Bass Trophy or any copies of the famous fish, please contact Wessel Coetzee on 0834224433 or email [email protected]