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Of all the requests for assistance which we receive, the most heartbreaking and frustrating of all is when a trusting person has paid a service provider for goods or services and that service provider has either performed shoddy work or, even worse, has blatantly ripped the customer off.

These fly-by-nights do not operate according to any rules of common decency and most of the time the customer can kiss their money goodbye.

So we got thinking as to how we can help to protect the HCS Community against these sharks.

The obvious solution is to only deal with reputable businesses. But how do we know what businesses are reputable and committed to the type of values, which we as a community expect?

Flashy advertising and tall stories, does not make a business reputable. Thorough investigation is needed.

So we came up with “The HCS Circle of Trust”

Here is how it works.

When you do business within the HCS Circle of Trust, you can be sure that:
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  • The owner of the business is an HCS Member in good standing.
  • HCS has personally visited the business premises.
  • We have captured all necessary contact information for the business,  alternate contact information for the owner, as well as their ID number, company registration numbers etc.
  • That the owner has signed a pledge to conduct their dealings with HCS members with Integrity & Honesty, and to always  provide good service and good value.
  • In the case of a dispute HCS will, fairly and without bias, mediate the dispute.
  • We feel confident in the intention of the owner to do good business with the HCS community and that we feel that the business will add value to our community.
  • You can read real reviews on these businesses, by members of the HCS community.


You can identify these businesses by their HCS door sticker, as well as find them in our members directory.

HCS has appointed a full time employee, to visit and meet prospective members, conduct interviews and write the introductory articles which you will see pinned to the top of Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

When you see a business being promoted on HCS as a member of the HCS business network, you can be confident that they meet our strict criteria.

It’s time to say NO to the fly-by-nights. Deal with people you know and trust.

Find businesses within the Circle of Trust in our Business Directory

For high value contracts, consider signing your agreements at the Criss Cross offices, where highly trained investigators will perform due diligence on the contractor, or even a polygraph to determine their intentions. An honest contractor will embrace this, a dishonest contractor will run away … which suits us fine !!

If you would like your business to join the Circle of Trust, please set up an appointment