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The HCS Community has grown from a few hundred strangers, selling their used goods, and has evolved into a close knit community of friends who meet every day to do more than just buy and sell. We meet to chat, learn, share and enjoy a sense of community which would virtually otherwise be impossible in today’s fast-paced world.

At a press of a button, a world opens up and we have access to thousands of people who we have never met, but somehow we seem to know so well. We have access to a plethora of goods and services, referred by people you know and trust.

Life is somehow easier … Pretty cool, right?

Whilst we have all witnessed almost uncountable acts of human kindness by members of the HCS Community and achieved much good as a collective, there is still much work to be done to achieve our goal of making the Hibiscus Coast a better place to live & work.

It is only natural that a platform like HCS, which is the digital equivalent of chatting with our friends over a cup of coffee, is also a medium where people share the things which they are not happy and which affect their quality of life.

Instead of getting depressed and annoyed at some of the issues which are shared on HCS, they inspire us and we see solutions which are easier to achieve than one would expect.

The Hibiscus Coast Seconds Team is very proud to announce the launch of HCS Special Projects.

The Special Projects Team will identify issues which affect the quality of life and the business environment in our community, and formulate campaigns and strategies to turn these issues around. We will then partner with the relevant stakeholders, roleplayers and decision makers on behalf of our community to fix what needs to be fixed and changed what needs to be changed.

Due to us being a non-political entity, we can open doors which may ordinarily be closed due to corporate and political rivalry. We have friends in high places and we are not afraid to use them.

Change is on our doorsteps, we simply need to invite it, welcome it and be part of it.

For now, we will concentrate on the following areas”

  1. Safety & Security Projects.
  2. The Quality of goods and services  sold to our community.
  3. Building meaningful and successful relationships with local, municipal, regional and national government officials on behalf of our community, to ensure outstanding service delivery and accountability thereof.
  4. Current or topical issues such as fireworks, water quality etc.
  5. Investigating and reporting local news topics.
  6. Support of our affiliated organisations, such as Hibiscus Helping Hands, South Coast Hospice, Child Welfare, Give a Child a Home, SAPS Domestic Violence Cabin, SPCA, Just 4 Dogs, Second Chance Avarian Rescue & Rainbow Warriors.

We can not do this alone and we are appealing to local businesses to partner with us and assist us in funding the necessary and unavoidable expenses incurred in the day to day operation of Hibiscus Coast Seconds. 

A quick and easy way to make your contribution is simply to join the HCS Business Network for R500 per month, for which you will receive the following benefits as part of our BizFocus 2 package:

  • Membership of the HCS Business Network
  • Members Door Sticker
  • 3 x  featured ads per week
  • Banner on our very busy website
  • Premium Listing in our Classifieds Marketplace
  • Sponsors acknowledgement in all reports and feedback to the community

Please contact Shane on 081 4444 232 for more info or view a breakdown of our advertising packages can be found HERE

Individuals who wish to contribute are more than welcome to nominate their favourite charity or NPO and we will allocate advertising benefits to these organisations accordingly.

HCS Members who would like to make a once off contribution are more than welcome to contact me  and I will send you our banking details.

Current Projects:

  • The Microdot Project: The Microdot Project is a community driven anti-crime initiative, in partnership with SAPS, which aims to tackle the theft of movable assets from our homes and businesses via housebreaking, robberies and other crimes of opportunity. read more
  • Citizens Arrest Register: A project in which makes it virtually impossible for suspects arrested by private security, neighbourhood watches, CPF’s etc to avoid their day in court via administration errors, corruption and bad decisions by SAPS members.
  • Shelly Beach Toll Road Barrier: HCS has engaged and is working with the Road Traffic Inspectorate and SANRAL, on behalf of the local community to have a barrier erected to prevent the u-turns which are made to avoid paying the toll at Shelly Beach.
  • Reckless & Negligent Driving: HCS is currently running a name & shame campaign to highlight the number of  reckless & negligent drivers who are breaking the law and taking lives in our home towns.
  • Fireworks: Each and every year the issue of fireworks tears our community apart. The law is very clear as to where and when fireworks may be used. We are working on a plan which finds middle ground and is fair to all.
  • Mobile Panic Button: We are putting final touches onto a mobile panic button product which when activated will provide members with private ambulance, hospital, road side assistance, towing and armed response anywhere in South Africa. (coming soon)
  • The Peoples Friend: (top secret for now)