Healthy Black Bean Soup | Jamie Oliver

Kick-start a healthy new year with Jamie’s spicy and colourful Black Bean Soup recipe inspired by his recent travels to Costa Rica. Black beans have the highest protein content so not only is this dish delicious it’s good for you too. The chilli and herbs add a beautiful depth of flavour while the eggs softly poached in the soup add a creaminess and a vibrant colour. Serve with a fresh salsa and tortillas. Filling, tasty and full of sunshine.

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  1. I just love how he always says "2 tablespoons" of olive oil then proceeds to pour in about a half a cup into EVERY RECIPE. Someone's gonna be gaining weight soon .

  2. Adding egg is really good. Adds more protein. Generally I throw hard boiled eggs in my rice If I am cooking with beans,peas, corn or turkey.

  3. Eggs provide cheap 6 grams of protein, amino acids and vitamin D and yet people are saying they are unhealthy.

    Why do people think they are unhealthy?

  4. I tried this and it was very tasty and filling. I think it is best to prepare all chopping ingredients beforehand unless you're a fast chef like Jamie. I used a mini food mixer too which did make it easier to mix herbs, garlic and onion. I had to add a little more water than 400ml as my soup was thickening very quickly.

  5. Just made it tonight and it was delicious, i didn't add oil or coriander at the very end (i only did it at the start), but i respect every other step and it was excellent, lime add a lovely flavour.
    When i talked about this soup people wasn't exited, it doesn't look really appetizing but it was really really good ! everyone loved it.

  6. Love u Jamie! This is not the original recipe and ingredients. For example, u can add or not eggs, it's your choice. Besos Jamie!

  7. is it just me or did that egg he cut look like blood… i would still eat it, plus quit hating on the egg untill you try it. i used to hate on having an egg on my burger now its my fav on a burger.