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Hibiscus Coast Seconds Facebook Group Policies



To keep Hibiscus Coast Seconds running smoothly and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, it is necessary for us to have certain policies in place.


IMPORTANT: “Items advertised hereon are done so on behalf of the seller and, HCS bears no responsibility for the condition or working order ( or lack thereof ) of same.”


Please read our Easy Guide to using Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

An Easy Guide to Hibiscus Coast Seconds

In addition to our policies, participation on HCS is in agreement with the terms described on the link below.

Group Policies

1. National companies may not be advertised on HCS. Our focus is on locally owned and operated small business and franchises.

2. Members must live permanently on the Hibiscus Coast. Our medium of communication is English or Afrikaans. Only profiles of real people, as per Facebook’s Terms of Service,  are permitted on HCS.

3. You may sell your new or second hand goods on HCS. Please state your price or a suggested price in the case of “make an offer” items.If you are selling new items, members are strictly limited to one advert per week. Members may post ONE business ad per week.

4. If you have more than one item to sell at a time, please add your multiple items onto the same thread as comments.

5. The search facility is your most powerful tool. Please use it to search for what you are looking for. You will find this at the top right, just underneath the logo.

6. If agreements are made by sellers or buyers and then broken thereafter, and where that agreement was made on this group on the original sales thread, such member will be removed from the group. Please note that any lack of aftersales service from a seller or complaints of any nature could also have an adverse effect on your membership of HCS.

7. Please DO NOT display your personal telephone numbers and email address on this site to prevent SPAM. Advertisers must not ask for email addresses to be posted. This will simply mean that you competition will copy the email addresses and pitch your customers.

8. Please keep comments clean – if you have a problem with something inbox one of our admins for investigation

9. HCS is not intended for SLANDERING of any person or business, NO Political or Religious views or topics will be discussed. NO racist comments or innuendos will be accepted. Please see our guidelines as to the procedure to post a complaint about a business.

10. Business & multi-level marketing opportunities must be approved by Admin. NO Insurance products may be promoted on HCS. No health, weight-loss or related products may be promoted, unless by a registered/qualified professional. No unapproved dating services. No “Vote for Me” or “Like My Page” posts are permitted.

11. No requests for charity or any donations may be made on HCS, unless specifically approved by HCS admin in writing. NPO’s are welcome to apply for permission.

12. No other groups, pages, websites or online directories may be promoted on HCS without been cleared by Admin. No advertising may be sold on HCS. All competitions, surveys and similar must be approved by HCS admin team. Commercial Marketers will not be permitted to post unauthorised adverts on Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

13. Adverts pushed to the top intentionally by the advertiser (AKA Bumping) will no longer be permitted.

14. Hibiscus Coast Seconds or its Admins will not be held liable for any actions related to HCS.

15. ANYONE disregarding any of the rules, will be removed from HCS & possibly banned permanently. Membership of HCS is at the discretion of the admin team and posts may be deleted with no notice, as per admin discretion.

16. E&OE

17. These policies may be updated, without notice.

If you have any questions, please contact our HELPLINE on 081 4444 232