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Warmest Greetings to all our Hibiscus Coast Seconds Members,
Hibiscus Coast Seconds is on a mission to make the Hibiscus Coast a better place to live and work.

As we all know, Hibiscus Coast Seconds is a very active community of over 7550 members. Many of our members are business owners who have had great success by promoting themselves on our Facebook group, with their once-a-week ads.

We thought that it would be interesting to go out and meet these members face-to-face to get the whole scoop on their businesses and to learn a little more about them.  Such as where they are based, what are their skills and what more can they do for us. We essentially decided to catalogue all these businesses and give them official endorsement from HCS, provided they meet our strict criteria.

What do they do that makes them stand out from the rest? We set out to find out.

We hit the road and spent last week in Uvongo, where we made lots of new friends and heard alot of stories.

We found that the majority of the businesses in Uvongo are owner-operated businesses and their shops decor ranges from well-fitted to absolutely beautiful. The community are all very friendly and I can honestly recommend that you take a morning to park your car and go and walk around and window shop to see what is available in the area. There is so much more to Uvongo than what one sees when one races past on the way to the centre.

Almost every business which I visited had at least one staff member who is a member of HCS. It was incredible to see how much Hibiscus Coast Seconds is a part of every-day-life on the South Coast. I was even stopped a few times, by bystanders when they overheard that I was from HCS. It really was fun to put a few faces to names and to hear everybodys stories.

We will publish our Biz-Focus articles on a daily basis on our website and share the articles on our Facebook Group.


Below are some of the businesses which we visited last week and  the schedule when each article will be published.

The articles will be published on our website as well as shared on the Hibiscus Coast Seconds Facebook Group at  11:am every day.

As part of our Focus on Uvongo , we will highlight the following businesses


Next week we will continue on our travels and perhaps try out some food, as well as have a good look at what is happening on our streets and in our areas.

If you would like Biz-Focus to publish an article on your business, you can contact me on 081 4444 232 or send an email to me via our contact form to find out when we are going to be in your area. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Members can look out for the Hibiscus Coast Stickers on the shops doors and for our groovy HCS Business Network Certificates inside.

This is your guarantee that you will find a shop owner inside, who is going to value your patronage and who understands that we are a community of very high standards. HCS will hold members accountable to their pledge of Integrity, Honest & Quality and we truly believe that we are referring businesses that embody the spirit of Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

All Hibiscus Coast Seconds Members
can look forward to exclusive specials, giveaways, free vouchers, special invites and lots of promotions. The Biz-Focus Team is working hard to bring you the best that the Hibiscus Coast has to offer.


Business owners can learn more about Biz-Focus here

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