Italian Roast Leg of Lamb | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s back with a twist on a roast leg of lamb recipe using anchovies as a secret and surprisingly tasty ingredient. Along with the more traditional rosemary and garlic, anchovies give the meat a unique flavour – and trust us on this – you will totally love it. An Italian inspired mint sauce with capers, mustard and parsley, an easy onion gravy sweetened with redcurrant jelly and the most tender meat you’ve ever tasted. This dish is mouthwateringly good. Serve with potato and swede mash for a hearty and super satisfying meal – what are you waiting for? Tuck in!.

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  1. hi jamie. i.m ahlam from morocco. thank u so much for this recipe. i had 20 people coming for dinner and they went crazy for for the taste. u make my husband proud of me 😊 xxx

  2. i love how nonchalant Jaime looks as he uses the leg of lamb to casually sweep the onions and garlic into the roasting tray