Jamie Oliver’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jamie was nominated 3 times to do the ALS challenge so he had to go big! (It was honestly iced water by the way, it just melted a bit!)

He would like to nominate, Harley from Epic Meal Time, Russell Brand and Prince Harry. Also by special request of his two daughters, Zoella, Thatcher Joe and PointlessBlog. You have 24hrs guys to support this brilliant campaign.

Link to ALS and donate information donate to help find a cure for ALS, in Canada please go to and in the US

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  1. Classic Jamie, that was, um, quite a bit of cold water there :)) … you sounded like the Incredible Hulk on occasions!!! LOL thumbs up lad!

  2. Sigh. . . like 90% of ALS "ice bucket" challengers. . . no ice involved.

    However, the real "challenge" is making the overacting look real having ambient temperature water dumped on them.

  3. You're such a good sport Jamie I love watching you're cooking shows you're my favourite chef you're a good role model .well done I also donated but I couldn't do this ice bucket challenge .i m not brave enough but my two nieces did but without any ice .

  4. Yeah type 1 is not a picnic, I suppose it wouldn't matter to you that both of the diseases I mentioned have auto immune diseases including but in no way limited to diabetes as eventual co morbidities……… quite often. However you are correct no one else is more badly off than you (poor thing)  and you shouldn't care about other diseases or people or any thing really………………Keep telling yourself that. it's OK.

  5. Someone should just do the ice bucket challenge at Niagts Falls and dip their head in for 10 seconds and its over lol- also donate- at least you dont waste water- it just flows back in and down the huge dam/drop.

  6. On Ya Jamie. I only wish there was some info on ALS connected to every video of this challenge, even a basic link to an ALS site or video would be better than nothing. I recon Giving ALS the recognition and thus the dread that something like cancer does is the reason it gets so many of our dollars.