Jamie’s Amazing Chocolate Mousse

This lip smackingly good recipe for rich chocolate mousse is so good you’ll never buy ready made again. Vanilla flavoured cream whipped up with some quality salted chocolate creates an indulgent, luxurious dessert that’s simple to make. Great served with fresh fruit or simply on its own. A treat in every sense of the word. Yum.

This recipe, from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, first aired on Channel 4 in October 2012. Buy the book here: or see more delicious recipes on www.jamieoliver.com

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V – This is a vegetarian recipe



  1. My egg whites didn't go well I whipped for ages but still couldn't put it on my head and also as soon as I put egg yolk in the double creme it went runny

  2. No supermarket sells heavy cream in Indonesia. We do have whipping cream though. So please tell me if I could substitute heavy cream with whipping cream. Thanks

  3. I've read so many different recipes I am really confused. Some use just the whites not the yolk; some add butter to the chocolate to make a ganache and some don't. Some add sugar to cream and egg white, some don't. I need a fool proof. This one looks indulgent but not very 'airy' – more like chocolate pudding

  4. Really gorgeous! I have made chocolate mousse before back in my home country but since I moved to the US I have been looking for an easy amazing recipe and I want to thank you for this one! It is in the fridge now and I can't wait to try it out : )

  5. looks AMAZING!! But is there any substitute for the double cream? I come from Singapore and its a little hard to get stuff like double cream cheap.

  6. Love the recipe but please tell me if I'm wrong? Should not I be worried about salmonella? Because of the raw egg… I'm not sure if the chocolate temperature it's enough to cook the egg yolk?

  7. Will surely try this coming weekend with kids after making the crunchy chicken with dippies.
    Just last Saturday I invited some friends for catching up over Rad Rum Ribs BBQ from your food tube book. It was so delicious and almost perfect!
    My family also spent my birthday at Jamie Oliver's Vivo City Singapore. lol. I couldn't imagine how crazy I am with your food.
    More power to you Jamie. Excellent food creates happy and healthy life! God Bless!