Jamie’s Beef and Ale Aussie Meat Pie | Happy Australia Day!

Hey Food Tubers Down Under in Oz! To celebrate your national day and give you you a rest for bashing us poms about the cricket Jamie has done wonderful Beef and Ale pie with cheesy pastry just for you. Brits love a pie. Aussies love a pie. Everyone loves a pie. So let’s hold hands across the hemisphere and enjoy.

You can’t have a pie without pastry. So check out Jamie’s home made cheesy pastry video right here:

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What’s your favourite pie filling guys? Share your ideas in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. do you cook for and hour and a half and then leave it without a lid for an additional 30 mins? or is the 30 mins included in the first hour and a half?

  2. aussie pies are awesome, but there's one issue here – australia day's in january, when the temperature is often 30 – 40C (86 – 104F). No one wants to be standing over a hot stove or oven in that weather!! Pies (at least home made ones) are winter fare, mate!

  3. Dont get it. A beef and ale pie is more british than aussie. Lived in australia for 42 years and let me tell ya, I never heard of an ale pie before things started getting multicultural.