Jamie’s Ultimate Apple Pie

Happy Thanksgiving FoodTubers! Jamie’s got the ultimate apple pie recipe to help you celebrate the holidays. Generous chunks of apple mixed with sweet blackberries and surprise ingredients stemmed ginger and elderflower juice. Cut through the golden puff pastry top and serve with ice cream for the best apple pie you’ve ever tasted.

For a delicious Thanksgiving cocktail recipe check out the Clementine & Sage Mule recipe over on Drinks Tube:

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  1. Dear Jamie, Is it possible to ask your team to add ingredient names on your videos while you're adding them step by step on the food you 're cooking, I'm sure It's going to help lots of people like me thanks.

  2. jamie wtf is this shit? i came here for an apple pie recipe what the hell is this? its like malmstein playing a guitar solo to teach a guy who never played guitar before. and whats up with that fucking chimney?

  3. Scrummy yummy to my tummy Jamie㋡ I love the way you just get on with everything, with no faffing about!!
    You're the best!!

  4. I went foraging with my 7 year old niece, Caoimhe, yesterday but ate all the blackberries as we liked. Will forage again and bum some neighbour's apples to make this pie very soon. Thanks Jamie. Anne from Ireland.

  5. Oh yum so delicious! Apple pie is definitely my cosy day in the house go to dessert and nothing smells as amazing as apple pie baking 🙂

  6. To all the people who are saying this is not a pie, it indeed isnt but holy hell look at it. Its gorgeous and i bet its delicious. I feel like im the only person who absolutely hates ice cream though….

  7. No comment about the visibly waterlogged pastry….only the very top was cooked crisp. The filling was a nice recipe but the application was terrible. Cook the filling a little longer in the pan then let cool completely before topping with pastry and cooking at a higher heat for less time.

  8. Wait what exactly did he even do in this video. He didn't make anything. He flippin used store brought pie top and didn't even have the nerve to put any on the bottom. Then he had to put vanilla ice cream on so few would notice. Is this the naked chef or Sandra lee

  9. Hi Jamie, thanks for all the great recipes. I used to pick berries off the fence when I was living in Hastings, but now that I am in Malaysia, a small box of 100 gm cost $22.90.

  10. Now ?? What the hell is elder flour and where do you get it in Texas ?? Now in Texas and even New England flour is usually a very fine
    ground seed, wheat, oats, barley—–a powder so to speak. But this bloke (?) is messing with my head. 1"50" into the video he says he's going to add
    elder flour—then he pours some stupid liquid. 2'40" into the video, there he goes again pouring elder flour. So splain it to me Lucy ??
    How do you get flour to pour like clear water——- if not, what the hell is he pouring out of that bottle ??— and further more, technically it's a mixed
    fruit pie with the blackberries in it. If this dude is Australian, anything other than a shepherd's pie they screw up. This guy could be pouring koala
    piss into the pan and we'd never know it