Trufruit has its origins on a farm in the heart of the Natal Midlands fruit producing area, Baynesfield. The business was started in 1995 and has grown since. Trufruit Juices have been approved by "WEIGHLESS" as part of their healthy eating programme. After testing, the purity of Trufruit Premium Juices was confirmed by the fact that Trufruit was the only fruit juice allowed to be served to the (I. C. U.) patients of Cape Towns Red Cross Children's Hospital. The Nutritional Information, Trufruit is manufactured with 100% natural fruit pulps and juices. Our juices have added sucrose, which is partially inverted to fructose and glucose - this is added to keep the taste uniform throughout the year. The natural sweetness in our fruit varies from season to season. Trufruit juices are made using the whole fruit which gives texture and appearance - hence its "whole fruit" concept.

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