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Local Lass picks up something Creepy in Thailand, she named him Colin.

Lassie from Thailand

Two months after local lass (who wishes to remain anonymous) returned from Thailand, she noticed that a mosquito bite on her buttock (yes i said buttock) was not going away.

It would wake her around 3am every morning with severe itching.

In London at the time, she went off to the doctor who sent her off to London Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

This wasn’t a mosquito bite, this was a hookworm she named Colin. (They had been tight for a while, she decided to name him)

She was immediately placed on antibiotics and was told to apply Vaseline to the area to suffocate him. But Colin packed his bags and moved out of the “Vaseline area”.

“He would make the tiniest of holes so he could breathe” She said.

Anon was never given the option to get Colin cut out, although she mentioned she wouldn’t have wanted to because 9 years ago she suffered a severe spider bite in Thailand too, and that left her buttock (its always her buttock apparently that falls prey to such creatures) looking like a gun shot wound.


The good news is, it seems as though Colin’s party has ended.

There is no more itching.

No more moving .

And he seems to have disintegrated.



Apparently, this kind of thing is pretty common.


Has this, or something similar ever happened to you? Or someone you know?

Let us know.




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