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I met Jaco Potgieter from Margate Aerials, last week.  His shop is on the top floor of Uvongo Centre, right above The Cove and The Hair Shoppe.

The first thing that struck me when I walked in, was how well stocked the shop is. However I did not have time to indulge my geekness in the awesome displays of connectors, wires and other goodies, as I was greeted right away by a lovely young lady who offered me a seat and a cappuccino, whist I was waiting to see Jaco.

Now, without distracting the reader from my story about Margate Aerials, I have to tell you this. Margate Aerials can easily open a coffee shop, which can compete with the finest cappuccinos on the coast. The frothed milk was a perfect consistency, which sat aloft like a crown. The coffee/milk mixture was perfect and for a moment, I almost forgot what I was there for. I truly felt like a valued guest of a 5 star hotel and I thought to myself, if he treats salesmen like this then his customers must surely be floating on air, with satisfaction from the royal treatment)

I could see that Jaco was very busy, as he expertly worked his way through a few phone calls and attended to a walk in. It was not even 2 minutes after he sat down to join me, that we were chatting like old friends as he shared his business principles, mission statement and goals with me.




Jaco spoke passionately about getting the job done right first time, about the importance of his technicians  having a fully stocked van to work out of and how his choice of staff members has helped Margate Aerials grow in to the dynamic business that it is. His technicians are trained in the old school way. First they serve an apprenticeship, then they work as assistants before been promoted to the responsibility that is required to work as an installer for Margate Aerials.

For you, the customer, Jaco puts his money where his mouth is, as he offers a 6 month guarantee on all his work.

His motto is simple: “We strive to provide professional services to our clients at a fair price.

Margate Aerials are accredited by both Multichoice as well as Top TV. This means that the installers have the necessary training and support from the broadcasters, to get the job done right first time.

An accredited installer is an accountable installer.

Margate Aerials specialises in:

  • Aerial Installation
  • 3g Aerials
  • Satellite Installation
  • DSTV HD Installation
  • DSTV Extra-view Installation
  • DSTV PVR Installation
  • Communal Installation
  • Mounting & Brackets
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Sales of related equipment

As Margate Aerials is an Accredited Installer, they can also assist with

  • Decoder Activation
  • Balance Enquiries
  • Error Message Clearances
  • Bouquet Upgrades
  • (Think not having to waste your time and money trying to get through to the broadcaster)

Hibiscus Coast Seconds is very proud to have Margate Aerials as a Member of our Accredited Business Network. So pop in and meet Jaco and his team and enjoy an oh-so-heavenly cappuccino.

You can contact Margate Aerials via the following:

  • Office Number: (039) 315-6909
  • Jaco Mobile : 083 269 4603
  • HCS Biz Focus Profile Page: Click Here
  • Margate Aerials Website : Click Here




We look forward to our members sharing their reviews and experiences with Margate Aerials in the comment box below.

(This article is part of the Hibiscus Coast Seconds BIZ-FOCUS Campaign to introduce our members and their businesses. If you would like BIZ-FOCUS to put some focus on your business, please call Shane on 081 4444 232.  See HERE for more information)

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