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Margate Gym is a Hardcore Facility, catering for both the serious trainers, as well the average person who just wants to stay fit and healthy at very affordable rates.

It is well equipped with Nautilus Plated loaded equipment and cardio equipment.

They also offer Taebo and Bootcamp classes.

There is always an instructor on duty to assist you and to write programs to help you achieve your goals.

Mr Yalo, a member says “The crew is so helpful and passionate about their job.  Keep it up guys.”

Nadine Viviers says ‘Margate Gym is very nice. I enjoy it a lot. The Trainers help me a lot. I love Margate Gym.”

Margate Gym welcomes all to come and try a free week of training and to experience what Mr Yalo and Nadine Viviers, and other members have experienced.

Listed in the HCS Circle of Trust Directory

How to find Margate Gym

Address:   74 Marine Dve in the Medical Centre in Margate CBD (opposite Funland)
Phone : 039 312 0964