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MD24…… A Doctor that treats the problem and not the symptoms



When you open the door to MD24, friendly staff and a warm atmosphere of care greet you. Dr AK Pillay is a doctor like no other and his approach to family and emergency medicine is refreshing and encouraging.

Dr Pillay has been practicing medicine for over 14 years, including spending time working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, ministering in The Falkland Islands and caring for many in Liberia and Nigeria, to name just a few of the countries who have had the great fortune to receive his medical attention.

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In September 2017, Dr AK Pillay realized his lifelong dream, when he set up his practice MD24, in Shelly Beach on the beautiful south coast of KZN. Specializing in Family and Emergency Medicine, Dr AK Pillay believes in a “gold standard practice of medicine” where the patient is listen to with an interactive exchange of dialogue between doctor and patient.

“I am a doctor that listens and treats the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms,” he say.

Even in his office, you will not find him behind the desk, but rather next to the patient, giving a more holistic and personal approach to patient care. His very hands on approach, and the time spent with the patient, brings forth the root or cause of problem, allowing a better diagnosis and ultimately better patient care.

This is a doctor and medical practice that take being available to patients very seriously, and the extended emergency and on-call after hours service, ensures that medical services are but a phone call away. This service is available every night from 19h00 -01h00 for an After Hour’s cash fee, which medical aid can reimburse if you are on a medical plan.

Information about MD24
Unit 8 Shelly Beach Boulevard ( Super Spar Centre)
Cnr Marine Drive and East Street

Telephone: 039 315 0275
Emergency Number: 074 583 8585

The Practice hours are:
Mon-Fri: 09h00-13h00 / 15h00-19h00
Sat: 09h00-12h00
Sun: 16h00-19h00
Afterhours Emergencies: 19h00-01h00 – Tel: 074 583 8585

Medical Services offered:
• GP Consultations
• IV Fluid Administration
• Suturing
• Blood & Chronic Medication Patient Care
• Unique After Hours & Emergency Services 19h00-01h00

Wellness Infusions Cocktails- by appointment only
• Performance and Endurance Booster
• Skin Rejuvenation Booster
• Slim Booster

MD24 will continue to grow and care for the many patients for who they provide medical care, and support services, plus the reassurance of knowing a doctor is available in a time of a medical emergency after hours, will allow us all to rest just a little easier.