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Nyape, Whoonga, Flakke & amp: ZOMBIE- it is a dark path



Nyape, Whoonga, Flakke & Zombie, are not some cute boy band names but are highly addictive and destructive drugs, which are far too freely available no only here on the South Coast but throughout South Africa. Everyday more and more young people are falling prey to these drugs with dire and long term consequences, including organ failure and even death.

Many families struggle to cope with having an addict in the home, as their behaviour can radically change whilst under the influence of the narcotic and the constant need to “rejuice” can makes them erratic, uncontrollable and even violent.


Private Drug Rehabilitation is very expensive and government rehabilitation facilities are often running at capacity, with waiting lists. This leaves many families without answers and support when they need it most.

Nyape or Whoonga
Since the arrival of Nyape or Whooga in 2010 usage has been rising at alarming rates among children as young as 14 years, and the less affluent. This is because you can buy it for as little as R15 (averaging cost: R15-R30). Using ARVs, cut with items such as soap powder or rat poison and then laced with heroin, this highly addictive drug is one of the most addictive in the world and you can suffer withdrawal symptoms hours after having your first hit.

Distributed in straws and capsule form, this powder is usually then mixed in with dagga (marijuana) and smoked by the user, but since 2017, a new form of “sharing” has emerged, called “BlueToothing”. Whilst under the influence, Users are selling their blood for R10 per 10ml to transfuse to other users to give then a cheap second-hand high. This is dangerous practice is again seeing an increase in transmittable blood diseases, such as Hepatitis and HIV.


This drug has dire side effects, including aggression and deadly stomach cramps, backache, sweating, chills, anxiety, restlessness, depression, nausea and diarrhoea.

Zombie or Flakke
The last few years have seen an increase in synthetic drugs hitting the market, and the latest one, Flakka or Zombie as it is been referred to by many, has many dangerous side effects. Sometimes referred to as “bath salts”, it is a novel psychoactive substance, which can lead to rising body temperatures of over 42deg ?C /106deg ?F‚ a heightened state of awareness and a lack of sleep. It has an effect on the dopamine system and the noradrenalin system and can increase anxiety‚ but also make a person feel more alive. It has also been known to cause psychosis‚ especially for people who have a predisposition for psychotic states, and this loss of reality can turn the person aggressive and violent. During a psychotic episode, fatal outcomes can occur, as user have been known to run out into oncoming traffic, or leap off buildings.

Flakka Zombie.jpg

Flakke comes in crystal rock form, and can be swallowed, snorted, injected or vaped, with effects lasting from 3-4 hours to several days. It is an incredibly strong drug that, which users enjoy taking, initially. It is incredibly addictive and can override a person’s reason, pushing them into taking more than they should. When you take more than 0.1 grams of flakka, it gets a lot less fun. Your muscle fibres dissolve, resulting in spasms, cramps, and respiratory difficulties. The beating of your heart becomes a struggle. Whilst on this drug, users can often be seen jerking and contorting in an inhuman way, almost like a Zombie.

One of the other social and economic side effect of using drugs, is the social ills that follow. Users need several hits a day, causing many users resort to crime and resulting in an increase in House burglaries, Muggings, Shoplifting and Snatch&Grabs. These petty crimes and sometimes, not so petty crimes, often have devastating effects on the faceless victims who are left to clean up after being robbed and some could have been assaulted during the crime by a desperate druggie. And the circle of crime for the druggie continues, as he constantly looks to pay for his next hit.

Drugs are a dark passageway to nowhere. Do not be fooled by the cute names or “movie shots of fun”. Drugs are highly addictive, costly and have both social and health consequences, that many never recover from. Live a Drug Free Life!!

Useful contacts for Drug Addition:


  • Tough Love or Toll Free: 0861 868 445
  • Narcotics Anonymous

South Coast of KZN:

  • South Coast Recovery Centre



Reference: SCKZN Local Police, Times Live, Wikipedia

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