Oven-Fried Chicken | Jamie Oliver

This southern style crispy chicken has all the hallmarks of a fast food treat but with fewer calories and a lot less fat. Instead of deep frying Jamie oven bakes the chicken creating the perfect crispy coating with rosemary spiked breadcrumbs. Served alongside sticky sweet potato wedges, chargrilled sweetcorn and a rainbow slaw this fast food feast is a sure fire winner.

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This first aired in 2013 as part of the Jamie’s Money Saving Meals series on Channel 4.

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  1. I made this today! I messed up the spices a bit but the texture was SO amazing!! I used an avocado bun I had made yesterday as the crumbs..lovely recipe and I didn't feel any difference in texture in this one and a KFC! <3

  2. sir mr oliver… i noticed you use the neff oven. As much as I want to grab one for myself, it's impossible to get one in my country… Any suggestions for mini ovens? What about the breville bov series ovens? home is a bit small as well so can't get anything too big T.T

  3. That chicken looks like trash. I'd rather have proper fried chicken less frequently and actually enjoy it then try to substitute it for something "healthy"

  4. made this tonight for my mom and aunt. my aunt said it was the best chicken she'd ever had, and they both picked the bones clean. only had quarters, though, and let me tell you, pulling apart the thighs from the legs was not easy

  5. Best chicken in the world = Kentucky and Korea. Fried, and double fried. I like my pizza, burgers and fried chicken unhealthy.