Pan-Fried Salmon with Tomato Couscous | Jamie Oliver

Jamie has a super simple and healthy salmon recipe the perfect, tasty mid-week meal. Pan fried salmon with tender asparagus and courgette served on a bed of couscous mixed through with a sweet tomato salsa. Light, fresh and absolutely delicious.
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  1. This is awesome, thanks so much for this lad.
    I like marinating my salmon with fig jam and some maple syrup it gives it some fresh Canadian sweetness.

  2. I've never eaten salmon before but me and then fiancee are cooking some tonight! Slightly nervous but it always sounds and looks nice!

  3. I just tried this food today, I want to say that it took me some time to prepare it…but at the end, it was amazing ! I totally loved it and I will include this one as one of my favorite dishes. Thank you Jamie Oliver :)