Perfect Pasta Dough with Gennaro

Jamie Oliver’s pal and Italian food guru Gennaro shows you how to make perfect pasta dough. Loads more videos, tips, features and recipes at

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  1. wow I can't believe that ancient kitchen; maybe now his "summer kitchen" funny how the best cooking starts out rustic but then the pros tweak it!….ha ha….now it is romantic Gennaro….but years ago it was about survival and variety.

  2. such a rustic and authentic looking kitchen. I absolutely love it. making do with what you have and having a passion for what you do💕

  3. This is the only why I make pasta anymore. Absolutely delicious. I just want to spend a day cooking with him. in Italy of course!

  4. Gennaro seems like the coolest grandpa you could possibly have! Imagine getting to visit for a weekend and how excited he would be to teach you how to make pasta by hand!

  5. I've been making my own pasta for a couple years now and I have been trying to find semolina…I live in Los Angeles and semolina is NOT readily available! I imagine that if I go somewhere like Whole Foods or Sprouts I would probably find it, but I'd have to give a couple fingers to be able to afford it.

  6. tip: only use 80 procent of the flour in the recipe, and then you can add more flour when you knead it, that means it wont get dry and hard so you have to add water, becouse if you add water, it makes it sort of gooey
    PS: love you gennaro

  7. thank you so much for this lesson. I never made pasta before . I followed your recipe to the letter and used my new kitchen aid pasta roller and cutter set. wow! beautiful pasta to work with!. I made ravioli and fettucine. beautiful . found 00 caution and Durham semolina at the health food store. perfect. can't wait to eat it tonight. thanks again you are a master…