Perfect Pork Dim Sum | Jamie’s Money Saving Meals

This gorgeous Dim Sum recipe is perfect for any meat but especially good with leftover pork. Soft steamed buns with hot pork and a sweet, sticky sauce and at under 65p / $1 it’s a bargain too!

Jamie’s Money Saving Meals starts tomorrow on Channel 4 at 8.30pm (UK Only). But all you international Food Tubers can get loads of tasty, affordable meals right here:

What’s your best tips for using up leftovers? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments box below guys!

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  1. Jamie, nice recipe but you should improve your buns folding skill XD…. I'd suggest you to go to Taiwan to visit the very famous buns restaurant ever DinTaiFon 鼎泰豐 to learn this very special skill. All the chefs there can fold them to the perfection and they are all very young. Not joking. Really to the Perfection and very quick! It's an art to see.

  2. Wow,Wow loved these. just follow the instruction. brilliant way of extending a small amount of meat. I WILL be making these again and again

  3. LMFAO@ these comments! I believe the title is "Jamies Money Saving Meals" NOT "Jamies authentic/traditional meals" 😂😂😂 give yourselves a clap 👏👏 are we not allowed to cook the way we want? … I love the way Jamie used self raising flour, it saves u time and money! and when you have a big family and alot of mouths to feed, this dough recipe is 👌👌👌 i make my own filling but i use Jamies dough recipe, and it is Delicious!! mouth watering goodnes 🤗🤗🤗 …. keep up the good work Jamie, I can feed my family tasty meals because i watch inspiring videos like yours!!

  4. I am Chinese and I am perfectly fine with this recipe. It's not like Jamie said that this is an authentic dim sum anyways. It's just a great Chinese-inspired recipe for people to use up their leftover meat.

  5. So maybe this is just my problem. He said 500 g flour to 400 ml milk. I didn't want to make a whole batch so I halved that. Did 250 g flour and 200 ml milk. I ended up with paste. Didn't get a dough until I added more flour. Is this just a problem I had? Or did I screw up my conversions (I used 1 cup of flour originally)?
    These were still amazing.
    Also, people need to chill. This isn't meant to be traditional. It's meant to be a quick, easy way to get leftovers out of your refrigerator and save yourself some coin.

  6. Wow! Some peeps need to lighten up. These stuffed buns are like the American hamburger. Everyone has their own spin on it. I've made some with chicken & cabbage and I've had some with red bean paste and coconut.

  7. I think its funny how people get offended by food. No one cares how you make it in your country. This is how Jamie made it. It looks delicious. If you don't like it then don't make it or make your version.

  8. eveyones complaining that this isnt traditional. but really who cares he isnt aiming for a traditional dish its fast easy and tastes good

  9. eveyones complaining that this isnt traditional. but really who cares he isnt aiming for a traditional dish its fast easy and tastes good

  10. What's wrong with all you critics? No one really has the monopoly when it comes to cooking. Cooking is an art. Every country has its own style…like art. What's wrong with experimenting? Cook, eat, enjoy!I love cooking…and I hardly make anything twice. That's the fun of it all.So, lighten up folks…please.

  11. 看见他做中国点心笑到喷饭,欺骗洋人中国点心


  12. Just made some using this dough recipe, didn't have coriander or black bean sauce so I mixed up a tablespoon each of hoisin, oyster sauce, soy sauce and hp sauce and the two of chilli sauce with some leftover pork
    my god….

  13. +Jamie Oliver  I would love to see a video about roux and roux based sauces! I just can't wrap my head around it and I never know why my attempt was a succes or a failure.