Perfect Roast Vegetables | Jamie Oliver

Give your humble vegetables the VIP treatment with this great recipe from the Jamie at Home TV series. They will go great with any family dinner all year round. Remember to choose what’s in season at the time and use as much local produce as possible for the freshest flavours.

We’d love to hear your ideas for roast vegetables in the comments box below What’s your favourite? How do you like season them or add extra flavour?

Carrots and beets (Jamie at home: Carrots and Beets). Jamie at Home first aired in the UK on C4 in 2007.

All the food made in this video was shared out and eaten among the very lucky crew. Nothing goes to waste.

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  1. in the oil part, i am definitely gonna put lesser olive oil and i'm gonna put a little butter.
    i'm trying this for new year's and i guess i'm only putting the carrots, although would broccoli, potato and sweet potato be good in this?

  2. That looks more like a heart attack from the all the olive oil he splashes around.

    Has anyone seen the video titled Christmas Turkey that Kerry McCarpet on youtube did on Jamie the other day? Its fabbb!

  3. FYI – it's linked to the wrong recipe in the description, it's linked to: Roasted carrots and beets with the juiciest pork chops, (which I'm sure would be delightful but only looking for the veg on this one). Just a heads up. Thanks

  4. I know this tastes well, but it defeats the whole purpose of eating vegetables if you're gonna load it with thousands of calories worth of olive oil.

  5. This looks excellent. Nice job Jamie. This is healthy eating folks. Nothing is processed and it's all done from scratch.

  6. OMG… How much I miss this program. A cable TV here In Brazil used to show every sartuday morning some year ago. I learned the best way to prepare vegetables

  7. Ooh my! I love the way Jamie cooks.. It's so rustic, and perfect, looks effortless and super delicious every single time ! This guy can make you drool over just cucamber..