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Policy Update: Posting Complaints on Hibiscus Coast Seconds


One of the founding principles of Hibiscus Coast Seconds is that we wish to provide a platform, where we can use our combined leverage to make the Hibiscus Coast a better place to Live & Work.

From time-to-time, HCS  members may feel that they have been wronged or done-i, by a business, establishment or service provider, and that they wish to report the matter to the community.

This is great and  this is what we are here for.

If the members report is truthful and without any ulterior motives, then it is indeed in the interest of the community that the complaint is shared.

We are all for this.

However, from time-to-time, a member may post in haste and may not always tell, or consider, both sides of the story. It happens, this is human nature.

These types of posts are harmful and they are not fair to the business concerned, they are a risk to the member posting (as they may get sued) and they affect the general good spirit and vibes of Hibiscus Coast Seconds.

Nobody likes this. It is not good for anybody.

We are not for this.

So we have updated our policies, in regards to these types of complaints (also known as “naming and shaming”) as follows:

We have tried to keep this as simple as possible.

From now onwards, any complaints against businesses, establishment or individuals must include the following information.

1. Only incidents which have firstly been reported to the MANAGER or the OWNER of the business concerned may be posted on Hibiscus Coast Seconds. Please explicitly state that you have personally, had communique with the OWNER or MANAGER.

2. That the full response of the MANAGER or OWNER, is shared along with the complaint. (To protect yourself, we suggest that you quote the exact written response.)

3. That the member clearly states EXACTLY how they wish for the matter to be resolved by the business concerned. (ie: I want my money back, or please clear up your builders rubble etc)

We feel that by including the above information, the report will be fair and balanced and in the best interests of the community.

We can then all safely and in good conscience break out the popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. (just teasing)

After all, there is no place for bad service or dishonest businesses in our community.

All relevant existing HCS policies/rules will still apply and we reserve the right to remove any post which we may feel is not suitable to HCS.

ADMIN PROCEDURES: We understand that new habits will take time to build, so we understand that there will be infringements of this new policy whilst everybody is getting used to this new procedure.

Admins will manage posts of this nature, which do not contain all this information, as follows.

1.) The post will be deleted and copied to our admin group for future reference
2.) The member will be sent in inbox informing them of the policy change and the information which we require to be posted with the complaint.
3.) Assistance will be offered, in the case of the member not understanding this procedure
4.) Should the member repost the complaint again and blatantly leave out the required information, their rights to post on our group will be suspended until they can confirm in writing that they understand the procedure and they supply us a copy of the complaint to approve beforehand. Should we be satisfied, we will reinstate their right to post and allow the member to post the complaint.

We hope that these new policies will improve the accuracy and relevancy of the content shared, whilst offering protection to those who are not there to share their sides of the story.

Should you have any comments in this regard, please share in the comment box below.
We are continuously updating our policies and we take your opinion very seriously.